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How to optimize website

edited May 2017 in SEO

should i use on-page first or off-page ?


  • On page optimisation is must in start to build strong on site base for optimisation.
  • Nice one! I tried doing marketing on my own but failed due to lack of using right keywords. So hired a professional Facebook Ads Campaign Management team to upgrade my online business. Thankful to them for doing it in such a right way. Got brilliant response from visitors.

  • There 2 3 of methods to optimize a website firstly you must do on-page because it is necessary to optimize an on-page after completing an on-page then start off-page and in 0n-page first check the website loading time then put proper tags that Google prefers then put unique content on your website and target keywords that you want to rank then Meta titles, Meta description, H1 and other headings after that start off-page or link building there lots of tutorials on the Techniques of on-page and off-page when I started SEO for my assignment help websites I also do all things and in a proper way.

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